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Movie Poster & Album Art Reproductions


Movie Poster Acoustic Panels


Acoustic movie poster panels are an extremely versatile home theater product. Large posters can become the focal point of your theater design. While smaller posters can comfortably fit into more challenging wall spaces. Just one or two smaller movie posters can add a terrific cinematic element to your theater. 

4 Reasons You Should Consider Purchasing Our Panels:

  1. High Resolution Scan of Posters - In order to create a great looking print, you have to start with a great file. We scan the posters at a very high resolution, many times higher than what can be found online. 

  2. Image Enhancement - We take the high resolution scan and adjust the color values to create a full spectrum of light and dark colors. We remove any artifacts that the scan picks up. We'll sharpen the image. More often than not, our reproductions are in deed better looking than the original poster.

  3. Internal Wood Frame - We add an internal wood frame with a pencil radius to the perimeter of the acoustic panel. This creates a classy and very durable edge to the panel. Other companies use an epoxy on the edges which is not as durable as wood and make it more difficult to create quality edge details.

  4. Seamless Corner Detail -  Please don't assume all acoustic panels are created equally. Always check to see how the fabric is wrapped around the corners of the panels. We cut the fabric to create a seamless corner. Other companies fold the corners over each other. This results in a rather bulky, amateurish finish.

Call us at 561-843-4966 or email us at  for a list of scanned posters, available sizes and pricing.


Once you receive the list of posters, we will email you the images of your favorite posters.


24 x 36 x 1 = $190 - $225 - depending on quantity ordered

27 x 40 x 1 = $240 - $270 - depending on quantity ordered

36 x 54 x 1 = $425 - $485 - depending on quantity ordered

48 x 72 x 1 = $750 - $800 - depending on quantity ordered

Contact us to discuss custom sizes.


Album Art Acoustic Panels

Since we associate sound with music, what better way to control the sound in your room than with Album Cover Acoustic Panels.
Most of us grew up listening to music while scrutinizing the Album Covers. Now you can add those special Album Covers to your Home Theater, Studio or any other room to your house.
Contact us to receive a list of the Album Covers we currently have. 


Movie Poster Acoustic Panels


Movie Poster Panels

Movie Poster 1

Movie Poster Panels

Movie Poster 1A

Movie Poster Panels 2

Movie Poster 2

Movie Poster Panels 3

Movie Poster 3

Movie Poster Panels 4

Movie Poster 4

Movie Poster Panels 5

Movie Poster 5

Movie Poster Panels 16

Movie Poster 6

Movie Poster Panels 7

Album Art 1

Album Acoustic Panels

Album Art2

Album Acoustic Panels


Album Covers wrapped around acoustic panels

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