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Glen Hoffman

Owner/Lead Designer

In 1998 Glen Hoffman was hired to create renderings of Home Theaters for one of the largest companies in the industry. Coincidentally, the company was located next door to a wide format printer. Glen soon began creating digital art that could be printed on a canvas. He created a portfolio of magnificent art that featured his take on abstract reality. He would soon become a juried member of the prestigious Boca Raton Museum Art Guild.

Focusing back on Home Theater Designs, Glen had a vision to reproduce his art on acoustic panels. However, it took several years of research to effectively find a solution that would produce a beautiful print on an acoustic friendly fabric.

Upon discovering a valid solution for acoustic friendly prints, Glen combined his intimate knowledge of Home Theater Design with his artistic talents to create a portfolio of acoustic art panels featured on this website.

3-D Squared represents an artistic approach to Home Theater Design and Acoustic Art Panels that is unique to the industry. However, please note that we still maintain a healthy respect for the acoustic requirements of your project. These beautiful panels are first and foremost a sound control product. They will enhance the sound of any room they are located in.

If you feel you could benefit from our approach then please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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