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A/V Home Theater Guide


Home Theater System Guidelines


​In developing a budget for a dedicated home theater, it helps to consider the performance level expectation that you wish to achieve for the budget you create. System performance levels and their approximate budget ranges can be classified as follows:

  • Entry Level-(25K-35K)

    • Well thought out but value conscious components that provide the minimum performance levels given the room. Because the cost of equipment continues to decline, while performance increases, it is becoming easier to find components that will do justice to the sonic and visual requirements of the room while staying budget conscious, however it still a tricky road to maneuver to ensure you get the performance needed for the price​


  • Midrange - (35K-55K)

    • A combination of entry level and select high end pieces where dictated by the room or features requested to ensure an increased level of performance​


  • High-End-(55K-75K)

    • Well-engineered “pro-sumer” grade equipment designed for home cinema use that exceed that are next level above common consumer grade components. These components offer specialty features that may not be available in more basic components.​


  • Reference-(75K-100K and beyond)

    • Professional level equipment carefully selected and specifically built or calibrated for the exact room it will reside. This represents the pinnacle of performance and the ultimate audio/visual experience.​


System Components


System Component Breakdown

There are many categories that can be included in a home cinema a/v system. The job of a home cinema designer and/or A/V professional is to carefully choose the right assortment of components that meet the performance level requirements of the room while staying within budget.

  • Control System

    • How will the system be controlled

    • One single well-thought out automated control OR a whole bunch of individual remotes


  • Power Management

    • All these components need power from somewhere. A simple power strip or cheap surge protector simply will not cut it, and you may end up possibly doing more harm than good. Well thought-out power management should consist of Pure-Sine Wave UPS Backup power to the projector as well as Power Line condition/voltage regulation to your entire system.


  • Equipment Rack/Credenzao

    • Where will the equipment be housed? A freestanding A/V equipment rack is the best solution​


  •  Cables/Interconnects

    • HDMI cables from the A/V equipment rack to the projector​

    • HDMI cables connecting all source equipment to the processor or receiver

    • Speaker cables connected the amp/receiver to all the speakers in the cinema

    • Additional a/v cables as needed

    • Communication cables (Ethernet, RS-232, etc.)


  • Additional Accessories

    • Projector Mount​

    • Lens mount (if needed)

    • Cable ties

    • Conduit

    • Wall plates

    • Speaker connectors-Spade, Banana clips, etc.


  • Labor

    • This is by far the most important. This is where it is important to choose a seasoned professional that can install all the wonderful gear you have purchased for your theater and make it work.​

    • Calibration-Recommended

    • After it is all installed, for the best performance, it is best to have your system calibrated by a licensed ISF (Image Science Foundation) calibrator. They can ensure that your projector is custom calibrated to ensure that industry standard color temperatures are based on the ambient light of your theater are obtained. This ensures that every ounce of clarity and performance is squeezed out of the projector

    • Audio Calibration-Although most receivers nowadays include a microphone and well-thought out Acoustical Calibration features, it is still important to consider having your system calibrated to correct for any left-over acoustic room anomalies that could not be removed by the room design. This ensures every ounce of performance is squeezed out of the system components given its environment.​​


A/V Equipment

A/V Recommendations:
​We are proud dealers of the following fine manufacturers:

  • Projectors

    • Entry Level - Epson

    • Entry - High Level- Sony

    • High End - Barco


  • Speakers

    • Entry Level - KLH, Totem, Origin

    • Mid Level - Sonance, Triad

    • High End - Triad, JBL Synthesis, James


  • Receivers

    • Denon, Marantz, Audio Control


  • PreAmp Processors/Amplifiers

    • Audio Control

    • JBL Synthesis

  • Control Systems

    • Control 4​


  • Power Management

    • WattBox​

    • Panamax

  • Cables

    • Liberty Cable​

    • Tributaries

    • AudioQuest


  • Source

    • Roku​

    • Kaleidescape

  • Seating

    • Octane​

    • Elite

    • Contact us for additional seating manufacturers

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