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Acoustic Panel Art & Design


Its's hard to believe that it's been over 20 years since we first introduced the concept of reproducing original art onto acoustic panels. This revolutionized the Home Theater industry. Glen Hoffman carefully created a portfolio of art specifically for the Home Theater sound panels. Each design is comprised of several unique pieces of art that help create a truly provocative interior. 

We are a boutique company, when you call us, you will speak to the owner Glen Hoffman. He can assist you in determining the size and quantity of panels required for your theater, or any other room. He can also customize the colors of any of the designs to match your projects color palette. If you require custom art, he can most likely create it himself. If not, we have relationships with many fine artists who can assist us. 

This has become a very competitive industry, most companies rely solely on their websites to engage with their clients. We are different, we welcome your phone calls or emails and are more than willing to assist you in any way to make sure your project is a complete success.

PRICING: contact us to learn more about quantity discounts, custom sizes and panel designs.

2 x 4 x 1 = $280

3 x 6 x 1 = $630

4 x 8 x 1 = $990

Where Are Your Images Coming From?


Most companies have you purchase your images via a link to a Royalty-Free website. This is problematic because most of these images can only be used to create one or two panels. It's also difficult to determine the quality of the these images. Large file sizes don't always equate to brilliant, sharp images. 


All our images are created in a native digital format. Mostly using sophisticated 3-D software, our images can be rendered at extremely large sizes. They are uncompressed, this means they maintain all the original sharp, intricate details.

We test all new designs by placing them on multiple acoustic panels in a virtual Home Theater. This gives us the ability to view and adjust the art so that all the Art Panels will provide a great aesthetic and acoustical solution for any theater.

Acoustic Panel Art Gallery

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