Home Theater Designs

Stanley Kubrick once said, "The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle."

A custom home theater is designed with that same kind of magic; it is a room intended to contain all the emotions and moods the screen conveys. It is also intended to contain all of YOUR emotions and moods.

A home theater is a place where you can escape, a place where you can indulge in the things you enjoy. It is a constant vacation hotspot and, as being so, deserves to be designed the way you want it to be designed.

There are many ways to accomplish this, including decorative acoustic panels, home theater murals & themes, universal space themes, traditional & custom theater themes, movie poster prints & panels and conventional theater fabrics.

Imagine your new Home Theater featuring a design that represents your true passion. Whether it's music, sports, wine or movies, we can create a theme that you will be proud to share with your family and friends.

In order to successfully design and build your theater, there are several steps that must be accomplished.


You can learn more about these steps on our Design Process page.

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