Why You Should Choose Our Decorative Acoustic Panels​​

  • Digital Artist Glen Hoffman carefully creates all the stylish art that you will find on this site.

  • The art is designed in a wide format so it can be dissected into at least three unique acoustic panels.

  • The art is carefully created so that when distributed throughout your theater, the art remains dynamic and interesting. 

  • Since Glen creates all the designs on a computer, he creates extremely large sizes so the reproductions art vibrant and sharp.

Other Sites Decorative Acoustic Panels​​

  • Send you to a third party site to purchase art

  • Art is sized for one or two panels. 

  • Art is random and generic, not tested to see how redundant or chaotic it will look in the Home Theater environment. 

  • They may claim art files are High Resolution, but our files are 3- 10 times the size.

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