Panoramic - Redwoods

Panoramic - Redwoods


If you are  interested in transforming your theater into your favorite landscape, you have to start with an image that is wide enough to effectively be divided into at least 5 panels.  More often, you'll probably need 8 panels or so. If you can find an image this wide, you then have to make sure that it has the proper resolution so it can be printed onto a large panel.


Fortunately, we work with one of the  premier panoramic photographers in the country. We are fortunate that he can provide us with a portfolio of amazing images. 


Please contact us to view other panoramic images.




    All our acoustic panels contain an internal wood frame, which helps protect the panels and allow for beautiful edge details.

    All panels have a pencil radius edge detail

    Please contact (561-843-4966) to learn about custom sizes and colors that are available for all our designs.

  • Shipping Info

    Shipping Costs Are Below.

    Please note that the panels weight about 1 lb per sq ft. So a 2 x 4 panel would weigh about 8 lbs.

    We then add 2 lbs for each panel to account for the additional weight of the box.

    So five 2 x 4 panels would weight 40lbs ( 5 x 8) + 10 lbs(box) = 50lbs.

    • 1 lbs - 50 lbs = $125
    • 51 lbs - 99 lbs = $175
    • 100 lbs - 150 lbs = $350
    • 151 lbs - $199 lbs = $475
    • 200 lbs + = $575
    • West Coast States add additional $40 (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming
    • Alaska & Hawaii add $200
  • Payment Info

    We process payments via SQUARE, which accepts all major credit cards