Blue Wave

Blue Wave


Digital Art Pioneer, Glen Hoffman, has created this wonderful portfolio of original art exclusively for Acoustic Panels/Home Theaters. He carefully creates and analyzes the art so that it can be divided into multiple, unique panels that keep the room looking vibrant.

Please contact us (561-843-4966) to learn how we can create custom sizes and colors for each of the designs.  

  • What You Need To Know About Our Prints

    3 Important Qualities About Printed Images

    1 - Resolution - Glen Hoffman creates all the original art in a high resolution native digital format.  You will see the difference in the prints when using uncompressed, high resolution files.

    2 - Continuity - Your theater will have a natural flow to it if each piece of art is unique, yet share a general design concept. In most cases, we create a very wide image that can be sliced into multiple unique panels.

    3 - Customization - The size of your Decorative Acoustic Panels should be determined by the dimensions of your theater. Images that you use should be customized to fit the size and shape of your acoustic panels. We can also customize the colors of any of the images.