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“We purchased panels from 3-D Squared. The detail on the panels are amazing and the quality is excellent. These panels are worth every penny. If you’re look to set your home theater apart from the rest, you need to work with Glen and 3-D Squared. The panels not only look great, but they really tightened up the sound in my theater room. Thanks Glen for a job well done.”

Cottage Grove, MN

Product Overview - Contemporary Acoustic Panels & Theaters

Acoustic Wall Art

In 2003, Glen Hoffman saw an opportunity to become the first company to print original art on an sound absorbing acoustic panel. He soon created a portfolio of original art exclusively for acoustic wall panels.  Using 3-D software, he was able to analyze and revise the art until it could effectively cover multiple acoustic panels in an room. This means that there is very little redundancy in the individual acoustic panels, making for a more dynamic looking room. This portfolio of over 40 designs was called Artesian Panels. These Home Theater Acoustic Panels can easily convert any room into an elegant, fun or even whimsical Home Theater.

 See and Hear The Difference:

– Original Art – All Art has been designed to strategically fit on multiple acoustic panels

– Custom Colors – All the colors can be customized to match your chosen color palette

– High Resolution – Since all the Art is created using our proprietary 3-D Software, we can create super high resolution files

– Custom Sizes – We can reconfigure the shape of the Art to fit on any sized panels

– Replace Existing Art – Turn any piece of art into a sound absorbing wall panel

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Home Theater Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels are the most underappreciated element of a successful Home Theater. The panels will maximize your investment in your A/V equipment by preventing sound waves from bouncing off of the hard surfaces of you home theater.

You can use our Home Theater Acoustic Panels as your primary design element in your room. They can replace your art, photographs or even posters. Our reproductions on acoustic friendly fabrics look amazing and you get the added benefit of a sound control product.


Have Them Your Way

We like to say that we don’t have any standard sized panels. That’s because we analyze your room to determine the best sized panel, both aesthetically and acoustically. We can then modify the images or fabrics to create an acoustic panel that fits perfectly into your room. The raw acoustic panels come in 4′ x 10′ dimensions. Therefore, we can create any sized panel within these dimensions. If need be, we can even make the panels wider than 4′.

As we’ve previously discussed,  you can have us modify the colors of any of the Artesian Panels to match your chosen color palette. You can also have us create custom art based on your personal aesthetic. If you work with or would like to work a different artist, they can supply their own high resolution digital art. If they are a traditional artist they can complete a piece on a canvass that we can then scan at a high resolution and scale it up to the appropriate size needed for your Home Theater Design.