Restaurant & Office Acoustic Panels

Decorative Acoustic Panels For Restaurants and Office Spaces

If you own or are designing a restaurant, there is a 70% chance that the restaurant will have uncomfortable noise levels. It’s great to design a restaurant that looks modern and amazing, but you must consider the overall experience that you are creating. A large part of this experience can’t be seen, but it can certainly be heard. Excessive noise levels in restaurants is a very common complaint, yet restaurant owners and designers continue to ignore this problem. We offer you sound control solutions that can become the focal point or at least compliment your décor. If you just want to hide the acoustic treatments, we have products that can be installed near the ceiling so they don’t become a distraction.

If you are designing a Conference Room, you can integrate a series of acoustic panels that can become the primary design element of the room. The acoustic panels can be wrapped in one of our standard fabrics or you can use a print of any image that helps compliment your company’s brand.

If you own or are designing a Restaurant,  Conference Room, Reception, Media Room, or even a Gym, you should consider installing a series of our Decorative Acoustic Panels. The Sound Panels serve a dual function. First and foremost, they absorb sound waves which basically prevents them from bouncing off the many hard surfaces in your space. Secondly, our high resolution prints can effectively replace any of your existing art, photographs or posters. Therefore, you don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetics to create a comfortable sound environment.


Panel Design Options

Please reference our Gallery pages to view dozens of original designs that you can choose from. All colors of the designs can be adjusted to match your color palette. You can also have us reproduce photographs or posters on the acoustic panels. If you are interested in custom art or murals, you have several options:

We can create a custom design for you.

Perhaps you already have an artist that you work with. You can send us their images and we can scan it and scale it up to the appropriate size.

We can also contact the appropriate artist who may be perfect for your particular project.

If you are not interested in having a print on the acoustic panels, you can choose from dozens of beautiful fabrics that come in a variety of colors and patterns.



  NRC Explained

Many people that we come across ask us about the NRC ratings of our panels. For those of you that are not familiar with NRC, here is a quick explanation. NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) is an average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb. So if the product has an NRC rating of .80, that means that product will absorb 80% of the sound, while reflecting the remaining 20%. As you can see from our ratings chart , the thicker panels will have a higher NRC, but we have had great success using the 1″ acoustic panels. Each room is unique in it’s noise reduction requirements. Please contact us to discuss which panels would be best for your space.

Acoustic Panel NRC Ratings

Restaurant Acoustic Panels

We’ve all been in far too many restaurants that serve great food and look amazing, yet sound like an airport runway. No matter how great the food is, excessive noise levels can ruin a great dining experience. Therefore, sound control products should always be considered when designing a restaurant. If you own or are designing a restaurant you should contact us to discuss your many sound control options. Obviously, the best time to contact us is during the planning stage of the Restaurant Design. This gives us the opportunity to integrate the decorative acoustic panels into the initial design concept of your restaurant.  You can take advantage of Glen Hoffman’s artistic skills where he can modify his original designs or create new designs specifically for your restaurant interior.

If however, your restaurant has opened and you are getting negative feedback about how loud it is, we can still assist you. If you have available wall space for the acoustic panels, we can create a design that will compliment your existing design.  Or perhaps you just need a solid colored or lightly textured fabric to match your décor.

Many restaurants have limited wall space. In this case, you can install acoustic panels on the ceiling. There are two basic acoustic products for the ceiling. You can use a standard wall panel, called a Cloud panel. Your second option is the Acoustic Baffle. For a visual description of these two products as well as the NRC data, you can download our ceiling panels pdf.

A key metric used for sound control is called Reverberation Time. This is defined as the length of time required for sound to decay from its original level. In a room with many hard surfaces, it takes quite a while (>1.5 seconds) for the sound to decay. This results in a room that contains many echos. Many beautiful restaurants suffer from a high Reverberation Time because they contain too many hard surfaces and not enough softer materials (acoustic panels) that can absorb the sound waves.

Fiber Optic Ceilings

You may also want to consider our Fiber Optic Ceiling Panels for your restaurant. These are acoustic panels that contain hundreds of tiny lights that look like an illuminated star field. The panels are wrapped in a dark fabric, but we can use a space theme, sunset, clouds or any other image on a printed fabric.

Fiber Optics should only be used in some what darker areas to take full advantage of the illuminated fibers. If you are looking to create a warm, yet stunning atmosphere, this is a product that you must consider.






Case Study: Lesters Restaurant in Margate, Fl

Restaurant Acoustic Panels Featuring Vintage Images of Margate, Fl.

Restaurant Acoustic Panels Featuring Vintage Images of Margate, Fl.

There are several Lester’s Diners in South Florida. This particular location has a glass ceiling and walls. When combining the abundant amount of glass with the other hard surfaces in the room, you create a virtual echo chamber.  They asked us to help them not only with the poor acoustics in the room, but to help compliment the décor of the restaurant.

Lester’s provided us with vintage images of the city of Margate which they were able to obtain from the City Hall archives. All the images were black and white, but they asked us to add a little color to a few of them. We analyzed each image to determine which images would provide the best opportunity for some colorization.  We choose colors that were identical to those found in the city of Margate logo.

The panels were then installed in a checkerboard layout which helps compliment the Diner theme. The result is a beautiful room that helps establish Lester’s as an historic restaurant that the locals can be very proud of.  Obviously, the dining experience has been elevated because of the reduction of the excessive noise levels. 

Case Study: Rafina Restaurant in Boca Raton, Fl

Acoustic Panels on the ceiling at Rafina

Acoustic Panels on the ceiling at Rafina

Rafina is an exquisite Greek restaurant located in Boca Raton, Fl. They contacted us for acoustic treatments because their online reviews consistently had high grades for their food but low grades for the noise levels. They realized that the excessive noise levels had a tangible affect on their revenues.  Although just about everyone loved the food at Rafina, it was simply too loud for most of the people and this prevented them from returning to the restaurant.

Upon our initial visit, it was easy to see (and hear) why it was so loud in the restaurant. Rafina has a beautiful interior design that includes acoustic treatments on the ceiling. However, there are still too many hard surfaces, including large windows that overlook a lake, that help elevate the noise levels when the restaurant is crowded.

Unfortunately, there is very little available wall space for the acoustic panels, so we had to concentrate on the ceiling. This was a bit tricky because we wanted to design a consistent grid where the panels would comfortably fit around the lights, speakers and sprinklers. It was a challenge, but we created a configuration that blends into the ceiling as much as possible, letting the patrons admire the food and scenery at Rafina.

Conference Room Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels for Conference Rooms

Many companies will create beautiful conference rooms featuring rich woodwork, large windows overlooking a scenic downtown or landscape. They can spend tens of thousands of dollars on state of the art A/V equipment that can link employees to anyone from around the world. Yet, they don’t account for the acoustic properties of the room. This is an interior where miscommunication can be quite embarrassing and even cost a company millions of dollars.

A series of decorative acoustic panels featuring a company’s logo and other related imagery can reinforce the company’s brand. More importantly,  the acoustic panels will establish a proper sound environment where the dialog is clear and precise. The panels can also be used to create geometric patterns that can become the focal point of the Conference Room Design.

Acoustic Panels for Lobby's

Acoustic Panels for Hotel Lobbies & Reception Areas

People pay hundreds of dollars to stay in beautiful Hotels. Many Hotels showcase amazing lobbies with marble floors, wood and metal veneer walls, tall glass windows overlooking a luscious pool. They have invested thousands of dollars to create an environment for their guests to spend quality time with their friends, family or colleagues. The problem is that it’s too loud to have a comfortable conversation with each other.

This scenario is all too common. A series of large Decorative Acoustic Panels can make any public gathering place a much more pleasing environment. Founder and President, Glen Hoffman, is a Digital Artist. This gives him the ability to create original pieces of art that can be reproduced on very large Acoustic Panels. The result can be a stunning piece of art that doubles as a sound control panel.