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Product Overview: Home Theater Murals and Themes

Your Passion Can Inspire Your Theater

Your Home Theater offers you a unique opportunity create a spectacular room highlighting your favorite movie stars, sports team, musical act, city, landscape or passionate hobby.

If you are interested in creating a mural for your theater we can commission the appropriate artist to create the mural on a scaled down canvass. Then take a high resolution scan of the canvass that can be scaled up to the appropriate sizes.

Some of the popular Home Theater Murals that we worked on are James Bond, Notre Dame Football, Wine Cellar, Scenic Beach, Mountain View, New York City Skyline, New Orleans French Quarter, Red Woods Forrest, Hollywood Mural, Under Water Images, and the Las Vegas Strip.

Due to its popularity, we have dedicated a unique web page for our Universal Space theme which contains dozens of amazing images of the universe.

Please visit our Home Theater Panoramic Landcape page to view some amazing additional theaters.

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Home Theater Murals and Themes

If your vision for your Home Theater is to create a mural or theme, then you have come to the right place.

Our clients work with us because we offer them experience, creativity and customer service.

For the James Bond Theater, we located several excellent resources for images. We then created a design scheme that would ensure there was a consistency and natural flow to the room.

We spent many hours listening to the client and refining the designs until he was 100% satisfied with his Home Theater Design.

You can expect the same level of dedication to your project.

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