Gallery – Movie Poster Acoustic Panels

Product Overview: Movie Poster and Album Art Reproductions

Movie Poster Reproductions on Acoustic Panels

We take high resolution scans of your favorite movie posters and print them on an acoustic friendly fabric. The fabric is then wrapped around an acoustic panel.

High resolution movie posters reproductions offer you a great opportunity to add a beautiful cinematic product to your Home Theater Design.

You can use the Movie Poster Panels as your primary design element, or you can add just a few to compliment your existing design.

You can choose just about any Movie Poster ever made. Please contact us to receive a list of the Movie Posters that we currently have scanned. If you don’t see the posters that you are interested in, we can provide a list of websites where you can purchase Movie Posters.

If you are a music lover, Album Cover Acoustic Panels are a great sound control product that look awesome. Showcase your favorite albums by your favorite bands. 

A smart choice of Movie Posters Acoustic Panels or Album Cover Acoustic Panels will certainly enhance your Home Theater or Media Room experience.

Movie Poster Reproductions

Please contact us for a list of web sites to purchase your favorite posters from. The posters are scanned at a super high resolution which is essential for reproducing a superior print.

Once scanned, the Movie Posters are cleaned up by removing “artifacts” that may appear in the original poster.

The final step is to perform color correction and tonal adjustments to the poster images.

Upon completion the new Movie Poster image is usually better than the original poster image.

The final image is then printed on our acoustic-friendly fabric, which is then wrapped around the acoustic panel.

The result is an awesome looking acoustic panel, which helps complete your cinematic experience. The panels represent a product looks great but also provides a effective sound control solution for your Home Theater.

Album Art Acoustic Panels

You can now convert your favorite Album Covers into sound enhancing Acoustic Panels.

If you are passionate about your music, then album covers provide a great resource for your decorative acoustic panels.

Album covers represent an emotional link to your past that can transform any room into your own private musical museum.

Please contact us to learn more about transforming your album collection into acoustic panels.