Our Decorative Acoustic Panels can be found in hundreds of beautiful Home Theaters and Media Rooms. But did you know that the panels can and should be used in any room that suffers from high levels of noise and echos. This includes Living Rooms, Hallways, Restaurants, Card Rooms, Rec Rooms, Gyms, Boardrooms and more.  Basically we are suggesting that you can replace any piece of your existing art with our Decorative Acoustic Panels.

Any artistic image, photograph or poster can effectively be reproduced on our Acoustic Friendly Fabrics. In fact, many times the prints look better than the original source because we adjust the tonal range of the colors. You can even have us create custom murals using your own photos and images.

Below are links to all our Home Theater products, but please note that they can be used in any room that can benefit from these beautiful sound control products.

Artesian Panels :  

Artesian Panels are the only artistic acoustic panels in the industry that are made with original art that was created specifically for Home Theater interiors by Digital Artist Glen Hoffman.The shapes, sizes and colors of all the designs were carefully crafted to enhance your Home Theater Design. However, all our Home Theater Art and Designs can be customized to match your specific needs.

Movie Poster/Album Art :  

High quality reproductions of your favorite Movie Posters and Album Covers which are wrapped around Acoustic Panels. The movie poster panels can be used as the primary design element in the room. They can also be used to compliment an existing design. The panels add a great cinematic touch to any theater design. They are often used on the back wall, placed over the chairs where there is usually a limited amount of space for larger panels.

Home Theater Murals & Themes :  

Your Home Theater provides you with a fantastic opportunity to create a room dedicated to your passionate hobby or interest.In this section you can view some examples of Home Theater Themes and Murals that we have designed.Please contact us to discuss how we can create a Custom Home Theater Theme just for you.

Universal Space Themes :  

Our most popular Home Theater designs, a perfect theme for Home Theater rooms.Sit amongst the stars and galaxies with these “far out” Home Theater Murals.

Custom Theaters :  

A collection of Custom Home Theater designs that range from Traditional to Contemporary styles. If you want a truly unique theater, here’s a good place to start.

Gallery of Completed Projects :  

Photographs and renderings of some of our completed projects. We have worked on over 400 amazing theaters. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to obtain quality images of the completed projects. Many of the projects are not local, therefore we have to rely on our clients to send good images. It is very difficult to capture the true essence of a theater with a cell phone camera with limited lighting.

Conventional Theater Fabrics :  

View dozens of acoustic friendly conventional fabrics that come in a variety of colors, textures and designs. We can create dynamic Modern and Traditional designs without using prints on the panels.