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The Benefit Of Professional Home Theater Design

– Having designed over 400 unique Home Theaters, we have the experience to turn your vision into a reality.

– With over 100 years of combined experience, our team has successfully overcome every design and installation challenge imaginable.

– Glen Hoffman is a trained and juried artist. His creativity and knowledge of Home Theater design will assist you in creating your ultimate theater.

– Our Professional Design Package evaluates and integrates all aspects of Home Theater Design.

– Smaller budget projects are welcome. A simple set of Artesian Panels can convert any room into an awesome Home Theater.



"I purchased fabric for sound panels that I was building for my home theater. Glen with 3D Squared designed the layout and size of the panels for my theater. It was a pleasure dealing with Glen and the product he provides is high quality. I received the fabric before promised. Very pleased. Thank you."
Tim M. Waterloo, IA

Maximize Your Home Theater Experience

Your home theater is the perfect place to watch your favorite movies, sporting events or TV shows. A Home Theater designed by our professional staff will seamlessly integrate your A/V equipment with beautiful, acoustic friendly décor. To create a successful Home Theater Design, there are many details that need to be considered well in advance of the installation of the equipment and home theater décor. The sooner we are engaged in the process, the more efficient and cost effective your theater will be.

Your home theater design can complement your existing décor, or you can create a truly unique room that reflects your passionate hobbies or interests. We have designed theaters with a variety of themes including Hollywood, Music, Wine, Sports, Art Deco, Undersea and Outer Space.

If you are more interested in keeping your home theater design simple (and less expensive), we will work with you to create a beautiful room that maximizes your budget.


Essential elements for a successful Home Theater Design include:

– Acoustic treatments featuring Decorative Acoustic Panels 

– Custom layout that integrates all design elements into your unique room dimensions

– Chair layout to maximize your viewing experience

– Planed electrical layout that integrates speakers and lighting into your theater design

– Floor and Ceiling plans

– Sight-line study to make sure your seating has the proper distance and height

– Construction drawings to ensure proper construction of columns, risers, steps and proscenium by our crew or your contractor


Comprehensive planning

The first step in designing your room is to engage in a thorough conversation with you. This will help us understand the ultimate goals that you have for your theater. In the initial conversation, we discuss your priorities and how to establish a proper budget for your Home Theater Design based on those priorities.  Once we establish a budget for your Home Theater we can work on a design that maximizes your budget. A successful theater is ultimately dependent on the combined success of all the vendors involved in the project. We will communicate with your Architect, Interior Designer and A/V specialist to ensure that everyone fully understands what is required from them. This will allow us to create a detailed set of drawings. These drawings will contain all the necessary information so the vendors can perform their necessary tasks to a successful completion.


Attention to Detail

Without the correct home theater design, your room will suffer from inadequate room acoustics and background noise. This will detract from your entertainment experience. Simply stated, your A/V equipment will not perform at peak levels. High-quality home theater design requires attention to detail for your sound control products, construction of materials and the installation of your acoustic panels, columns, moldings and any decorative elements incorporated into your design. Our installers have worked on hundreds of theaters. They can anticipate and resolve any problems that occur during the installation of your theater.

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Let Us Help Create the Ideal Home Entertainment Space

Achieving the highest level of quality is the ultimate goal of our home theater designers. We always maintain a healthy respect for both the acoustic and aesthetic properties of your theater.  With the appropriate home theater design, your entertainment space will provide a stunning visual and audio experience with a goal towards excellence.

Creating the ideal home entertainment space is actually fun with a home theater design by 3-D Squared. Your visions will become alive as we progress through a series of home theater designs until you are completely satisfied with our concept renderings. We realize that not all clients have the budget for a high-end home theater. Therefore, we can assist you with your design and provide decorative acoustic panels well within the constraints of a limited budget.

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