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Product Overview: Custom Home Theater Designs

Custom Solutions For Inspired Theaters

A Custom Home Theater gives you the opportunity to create a theater that is unique to your design aesthetic. Your Home Theater is a special room that gives you the license to create a spectacular design.

Many people people believe their theater should match their existing decor. Contrary to this, we believe you should examine all your possibilities. Both designs that compliment your existing decor as well as designs that stretch both your and our imaginations.

Designing a Custom Home Theater is only the first phase in the theater process. Manufacturing and installing a successful custom theater is not easy to accomplish. We work with artisans that have crafted and installed hundreds of beautiful custom theaters.

Designing, crafting and installing a theater is a very intricate process. It also incorporates the A/V, lighting, HVAC and construction vendors. You need to trust a company who has a proven record and portfolio that backs up our claims.