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The Benefit of Custom Home Theater Design

We like to say that just about all our projects are considered custom home theaters. Whether you are investing tens of thousands of dollars or just a couple of thousand, we carefully look at your room to determine the appropriate quantity, size and location of the panels for your unique space. We don’t stock  standard sized acoustic panel so all our panels are customized to enhance the acoustic and aesthetic properties of our room.

Designing a home theater involves many disciplines. To maximize your design and experience, you should seek to work with a company that has the experience to overcome any challenges that may arise during the design, manufacturing and installation phases. Our professional staff has more than a combined 100 years of working in the industry. During this time, we have completed well over 500 unique home theaters, just about all of them have some custom elements to them.

In terms of design, we can create a custom home theater that is an extension of your home décor. Or perhaps you want to create a theater that reflects your passionate interest or hobby. Our experience gives us great insight into designing many different styles of theaters. We can create Traditional styles which tend to be popular in the Northeast. Other parts of the country may prefer a contemporary home theater.

When you think of going to a public movie theater, you think of dark theaters with many rows of seats, sticky floors, people talking, high ceilings and questionable sound quality. With your custom home theater, you can improve on that public theater experience with a space featuring beautiful artwork, movie posters, murals, layers of light, comfortable seating and stylish decor. While the main purpose of a home theater room is to watch the big screen in the comfort of your home, you may find yourself using your theater to socialize with your friends and family.

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Custom home theater in Boca Raton, FL

"An amazing product that works perfectly and looks phenomenal. Customer service was exceptional!
We built a custom home theater and wanted something more interesting than plain acoustic panels. 3D Squared was highly recommended to us. They were able to scan our pictures onto the panels and the quality and vibrancy is beyond belief. The panels also work as well as the ordinary panels."

Judy, CT

What work is entailed with Custom Home Theater Systems?

From visualization to realization

Creating  with custom home theater systems requires timely collaboration between designers, A/V dealers,  architects, electricians, and of course, you. Your vision for your home theater from the grandest design to a streamlined, smaller space becomes reality when you work with professional home theater designers. Design experts draw from your vision and input to create an entertainment room that has the functional require elements including size, width, height, lighting, acoustics and sound dampening while never sacrificing style.

Feast for the senses

Have you been dreaming of a home theater design where walking through the door transports you to your favorite city or landscape? We work with several photographers who can provide amazing panoramic images that can help turn any room into your favorite skyline, mountain range, seascape or more.  With our custom home theater design, you can have a ceiling full of shimmering stars, wall lighting reminiscent of Hollywood spotlights and acoustic panels featuring artwork, photography, or custom murals. A home theater space can remain strictly for cinematic enjoyment or serve as multi-function space when you incorporate your décor desires.

Reflect your love of fine wine or vineyards with wall murals on decorative acoustic panels.  You can also use the room for social gatherings featuring wine and cheese tastings. The sound dampening qualities of the room are ideal for softening the din of conversations and create the perfect atmosphere for fun.

3-D Squared can create it for you!

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