Sound Control Panels

Maximize your investment in your A/V by adding a series of our Acoustic Panels. Without proper sound control products, you will not realize the potential of your high-end equipment.

Custom Panels & Designs

Since no two rooms are alike, we treat each project with the attention and detail that a custom theater demands.

Your Personal Consultant

The moment you contact 3-D Squared, you will talk directly with Glen Hoffman, the President and founder of the company.

Our Home Theater Design "Featured" Gallery

Your theater and panel designs are infinite!

Home Theater Design in Boca Raton

Home Theater Design

In terms of design, your Home Theater Design is the most versatile room in your home. Your options are limitless. You can compliment your existing home decor or you can create a design that is completely different from the rest of your home.

If you enjoy exploring unique design opportunities, our decorative acoustic panels can become the canvas for your inspiration.

Glen Hoffman created dozens of original artistic designs specifically for Home Theater Interiors.

Perhaps, you prefer a theme for your Home Theater Design. If so, we have designed theaters devoted to Outer Space, Wine, Sports, Music, Skylines, James Bond, Red Woods (and other landscapes) and more.

Call Glen today to discuss any of your Home Theater Design or Acoustic Panel needs and ask about our complimentary rendering services.


Customer Service

When you decide to work with 3-D Squared, you will feel confident your questions and concerns will always be addressed in a timely fashion. As witnessed in so many of our 5 star reviews, we consistently deliver a quality product and professional customer service in a timely fashion.

Over the course of the project, you may have many questions and special requests. We will take our time to carefully answer all your concerns and issues. It is our company philosophy that great customer service will result in a satisfied client. At the end of the day, that is the core component of any business, especially ours.


Complimentary Rendering & Design Services

Contact us to receive a complimentary ($500 value) photo-realistic rendering of your Home Theater Design.

Using state of the art software, we are able to create a virtual replica of your Home Theater Room. We can then determine the appropriate size, location and quantity of acoustic panels needed for your Theater.

Additionally, the renderings give you a fantastic view of your completed home theater. We can then modify any of the design elements until you are totally satisfied with final look of your theater.

Home Theater Design in Boca Raton, Fl

South Florida and Beyond

We are located in Boca Raton and serve the local community with pride and precision. However, the majority of our projects are located throughout the United States and Canada. Below are just some of the areas where we have completed successful projects.

Boca Raton, Delray, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boynton Beach, Naples, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Syracuse, Atlanta, Charlotte, Asheville, Chicago, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Denver, Aspen, Colorado Springs, Palm Springs, New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Atlanta, Utah, Redmond, Alaska, and many more remote locations.

South Florida and Beyond


This recent project contains examples of our Custom Acoustic Panels as well as Movie Poster Acoustic Panels. The side walls contain the Angled Curves design with custom colors. The client sent us a swatch of the primary color then wanted for the panel. We were then able to alter our original design to match the clients swatch. The client also needed custom sized panels to comfortably fit into the arched soffit. We altered the size of the design and panel to fit into the arch.

The back wall is showing four acoustic panels with movie poster reproductions on them. Each poster was chosen by a different member of the family. What a great way to achieve harmony throughout the family. Let each family member choice their own movie poster for your Home Theater.


Sound Control Panels

Almost lost in the conversation is the fact that all these beautiful products are actually acoustic panels. When investing in a high-end audio system, it is essential that you include sound control products in your budget.

A room that contains only hard surfaces will act as an echo chamber, basically diminishing the performance of your high end equipment. The flow of sound is integral to any movie; it should never be stifled. Many home theaters are ruined by an echo chamber.

To help control the reflective sound waves in your theater, you can choose between our 1″ or 2″ acoustic panels. We offer absorptive (standard), diffusive and reflective panels. Additionally, you can choose between our ProImage and ProSound (more transparent) fabrics.

For more information about Home Theater Design Acoustics please visit the Acoustics 101 page.


Featured Home Movie Theater Products

Artesian Panels feature about 50 original designs created specifically for the Home Theater environment by Glen Hoffman. You can have us alter the colors or dimensions of any of these designs to better fit your custom room. These are pieces of art.

Theater Themes gives your the opportunity to create a Home Theater with a custom theme. Transform any room into a spectacular scenic environment featuring your favorite panoramic photographs. Furthermore, we can create custom themes based on sports, music, movies or landscape imagery. When it comes to your home theater, let your personality shine.

A great way to create a truly cinematic experience is to include Acoustic Movie Posters into your Home Theater Design. Contact us for a list of web sites where you can purchase just about any poster ever made. Although a simple touch, movie posters help transform a simple home theater into a multi-faceted Cineplex.

We also offer fine Home Theater Seating as well as Custom Home Theater Furniture.


Custom Panels and Designs

Since no two rooms are alike, your theater may require custom sized acoustic panels to establish a proper visual and sound environment.

Most companies offer only a few pre made sizes . Acoustically and aesthetically this may not be the best solution for your Home Theater.

We will analyze your Home Theater Layout to determine the best size, quantity and location of each acoustic panel.

The result will be a Home Theater that sounds great and looks even better, something YOU can be proud of.


Your Personal Consultant

The moment you contact 3-D Squared, you will talk directly with Glen Hoffman, the President and founder of the company. You will continue this personal dialog with Glen throughout the entire process of designing your Home Theater.

An effective home theater showcases your individuality. It is, well, very human. The customization process requires a relationship that is both professional and personal.

Sometimes it will only take a few emails or phone conversations to finalize a design. Other times, it may take a great deal of time to design your ultimate Home Theater. Either way, will patiently work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your final home theater design concept.